A tribute by Enrico Dicò to Pignoletto by Cantina Valsamoggia.

The Roman artist, a leading interpreter of Italian Pop Art, dedicates two labels to the new Pignoletto spumante wine “Ricordo di San Luca”.

Two limited edition labels, a tribute to the historical link between Bologna and Pop Art and the desire to interpret the spirit of the younger generations through a universal language such as the one immortalized by the artist Enrico Dicò.

The new Pignoletto DOC Spumante Brut “Ricordo di San Luca” of Cantina Valsamoggia, brand new in the market, decided to dress as well with two labels of great impact, thanks to the meeting with one of the greatest contemporary interpreters of Pop Art. “We were lucky to be able to start a collaboration with the Roman artist Enrico Dicò, who found particularly stimulating the rebirth and transformation that this historic winery is waging “ explains Carlo Piccinini , vice-president of the Cantina di Carpi e Sorbara, which in 2014 took over the cooperative located in the homonymous town in the province of Bologna.

In the two labels chosen to dress the new Pignoletto of Cantina Valsamoggia, Dicò’s figurative art draws both from the Comics world with The Joker as well as from the world of cinema with the universal face of Marylin: two pop icons that allow a spumante wine linked to the terroir such as the one born on the Bolognese Hills to propose itself through an intergenerational and popular language. “I think that , nowadays, the artistic expression is no longer to be understood in a unique and traditional way – explains the artist –. Wine can certainly represent an art form, an expression of man’s work, the result of technique and manual work as well as intuition and intellectual strength. Man is able to create value from the fruits of the earth, transforming and elevating the agricultural act and subsequent work in the cellar into an artistic act”.

The link with art, which Cantina Valsamoggia had already wanted to embrace with the choice to immortalize on the label of its new Spumante Pignoletto “Ricordo di San Luca” the Sanctuary of Madonna di San Luca, a sacred symbol and at the same time the daily travel companion of the work of many winemakers of the Bolognese Hills, becomes even stronger with the two labels of Enrico Dicò.

“Celebrating the new path of the Valsamoggia Winery with two artistic labels is a way to also visually emphasize the real change of pace that we have impressed both in our work in the vineyard and in the cellar – concludes Carlo Piccinini –. The work of the many producer partners of the Winery, as pointed out by Dicò himself, has many points of contact with the artistic one. Behind this new wine, in fact, there is a patient work of selection of the best vineyards and grapes of the members, as well as a careful cuvée work among the bases of the wines before fermentation for froth through the long charmat method. We need skills and, why not, also a touch of imagination”.

The Pignoletto DOC Spumante Brut “Ricordo di San Luca” with the labels of Enrico Dicò has a circulation of 3000 bottles.

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