Land and production places

sorbarathe viticulture in our territories boasts wine cooperatives and producers among the most ancient in Italy.

The vines , the land , the climate all together contribute to the birth of the Lambrusco wine. It is jovial and pleasant and all the people from Modena and Reggio Emilia are fond of it as it holds in its spirit a very deep identification with those areas.

For many centuries…


“The vines cultivated in the hills around the Po valley and along the Via Emilia follow as far as the eye can see. in autumn the vineyards with their hanging bunches offer a magnificent sight, there cannot be a merrier panorama. And this, thanks to the sandy and wet soils as well as to their standing near poplars and elms,. [… ]
Andrea Bacci,”De vinorum natural historia de Vinis Italiae et de conviviis antiquorum” 1597,1597

Il The wine Lambrusco is the leading character of this wine and food tour in Emilia Romagna, from Modena to Parma along the Via Emilia , discovering it and all the other typical products of the territory.

its vine called vitis lambrusca was known at the time of the Romans and used to grow up wild outside the cultivated areas. For some time this wine has often been underestimated due to some features considered as defects such as low-alcohol content, bubbles, too easy to drink. Today these features are much more appreciated also for the greater simplicity and lightness with which this wine is pleasantly drunk during meals. Thanks to its simple and fragrant freshness, it is the perfect pairing with all food recipes.