Winemaking cooperative of Carpi and Sorbara

The Winemaking cooperative of Carpi and Sorbara counts 1,200 member manufacturers and a production capacity of about 450,000 wine hectoliters per year.
Currently the cooperative owns 6 factories, among them, 5 are dedicated to grape pressing and 1 to bottling activities. They are located in Carpi (Mo), Concordia (Mo), Poggio Rusco (Mn), Rio Saliceto (Re)Sorbara (Mo) and Bazzano (BO).


Our wine production is focused on the following Lambrusco varieties Sorbara, Salamino,  Maestri, Marani Viadanese and Pignoletto, but a considerable part of the company’s success, especially as far as the bulk wine is concerned, is due to the so-called very red wine that is made from the Ancellotta grapes.

Modern technologies have allowed us to improve our production techniques enabling us to offer a significantly high quality to our customers. Our cooperative has been making steady efforts to adapt production and to enhance the high quality of our wines for demanding and expert customers.

The result of all our efforts is that today, thanks to modern production methods, our wines are particularly appreciated by many estimators, especially for their organoleptic characteristics.
Our customers know very well that a patient and careful work, faithful to tradition, lies in our Lambrusco wines. This ancient tradition inspired and still inspires our production philosophy turning our Lambrusco into a special product in the wine panorama. A constant aim to the highest quality has led to the introduction of pioneering techniques and technology.


Our mission is to produce the best Lambrusco wines, ranging from Lambrusco di Sorbara to Salamino di Santa Croce, but also Lambrusco Viadanese (or Groppello Ruberti), always combining tradition to innovation.